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SKYMARC is a brand new LLC started in Northern California that is focused on developing community connection, strengthening work teams, and cultivating individual empowerment through the use of Applied Theatre. Applied Theatre may be a new term for some and it may take a variety of forms. The famous play The Laramie Project is a form of Applied Theatre, and while a 3-hour Workshop likely won't result in a play that will change the social culture in America, it may result in more subtle changes. Participants have reported feeling more confident, more brave, and less fearful of failure; usually welcome improvements in the workplace. 

To develop, present and implement educational tools, videos and strategies, through workshops that will assist educators, businesses, and communities to build soft-skills, facilitate connection and generate confidence.

SKYMARC was founded with the goal of creating safe and supportive learning environments, promoting community cohesion through interaction, addressing addiction by providing opportunities for connection, and the list goals continues to grow.

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Lake, Mendocino, and Humboldt County residents may be eligable to book Workshops for FREE through 

Redwood Community Services, Inc.

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Whether for Therapeutic purposes, Community Engagement or Personal Fulfillment, SKYMARC has got you covered for your next Art-Based Workshop

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Many of the most professional people suffer from a lack of soft-skills; those things they don't teach in school. SKYMARC's unique approach to Business Management and Leadership offers companies a new tactic to address age-old issues.

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Workshops Available January 1st, 2024 (by booking)

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